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Maintenance of non-stick(Hits:) 
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One , how to use and maintain non-stick ?
1, the first use, put stickers torn off , rinse and wipe dry , coated with a thin layer of cooking oil ( except for butter and lard ) as maintenance, then wash before use.
2 , application of heat when cooking nylon, plastic or wooden spatula , avoiding sharp shovel or metal utensils damage the non-stick surface .
3 , non-stick cookware heat evenly , when used only with a medium to low heat , you can cook delicious food. Using fire , the pot must have food or water.
4 , after use is subject to the temperature slightly, then water washing, not immediately with cold water. Case of stubborn stains , you can use hot water with detergent, cleaning sponge , not to use rough cloth or metal ball vigorously scrubbing .
Second, how can we avoid stains left in the pot, if the stain has been formed , how to deal with ?
A long-term use fire . These stains can not be removed , but does not affect the non-stick pan non-stick effect .
2 , the residual food and grease build-up. These stains are usually not true , you can use hot water with detergent , sponge thoroughly cleaned .
Third, when using non-stick pan with cooking , why the best selection of small or medium fire ?
Because the fire has been able to achieve the best cooking results. In general, the raging fire and will not speed up the cooking speed , it will only waste energy . If you use the fire , be sure to have food in the pan , do not use non-stick baking with dry fire .
Fourth, non-stick pan , non-stick layer will not fall off, how to avoid falling off ?
In addition to long-term improper use , such as appliances often hard hit by sharp scraping or dry bake raging fire can cause the coating. Qualified non-stick pan non-stick layer is usually not fall off.
Fifth, non-stick cooking all food is suitable ?
Qualified non-stick pan non-stick layer is extremely stable material , anti- acid, anti-alkali, is not easy to react chemically with other substances , so you can rest assured that cook food.
Sixth, why some cookware is also coated with non-stick coating on the outside ?
Also coated with non-stick coating on the outside , cleaning pots and pans outside and on the inside as convenient . Cook food, juice splashed on the outside is to have food , do not give clean trouble.
Seven , on the non-stick pan non-stick surface is scratched , it will affect non-stick effect you ?
Minor scratches only affect the appearance of the surface , will not seriously damage the non-stick performance or effects continue cooking food. To prevent further scratching non-stick , just the cooking process to avoid the use of sharp instruments .
Eight , the non-stick cooking surface off and mixed with food on the human body harmful?
Qualified non-stick pan non-stick surface is absolutely safe non-toxic , even if accidentally ingested, it will not be absorbed by the body , the original will be excreted , it is extremely safe . Generally speaking, if used properly , non-stick coating will not easily fall off.
Nine , why stick with a non-stick performance ?
Non-stick coated with a polytetrafluoroethylene inside , and other polymers as the main component a fluorine -stick coating , the coating on the substrate by high temperature sintering. The coating has excellent non-stick properties.
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